Deepen your practice of meditation, clarify the relationship between you and your mind, and explore the basic nature and dynamics of the mind. Our relationship to our own mind is pivotal in effectively realizing our true nature and fulfilling our potential. We come to Earth to experience our humanity and recognize the One Infinite being that creates all and which is in all. The greatest power is the ability to act with a Neutral Mind, to use intuition along with applied intelligence and to lean on the infinite through the sacred science known as prayer.

Key Topics

  • Enhance the depth of your understanding of meditation and experience deep meditations on the nine aspects of the mind.
  • Focus on your relationship to your own mind.
  • Increase your ability to observe neutrally, to become still, to clear your mind of distractions and intrigues, to recognize when you establish a state of shuniya, and to recognize the different functional parts of your mind.
  • Experience and practice the use of intuition as a primary skill of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.
  • Learn the structure of the mind and examine the impersonal minds, the qualities of the mind, and the nine aspects of the mind.
  • Understand how to use the 27 projections of the mind.
  • Cultivate Shuniya and apply intuition and intelligence with ease and flexibility.
  • Come into a relationship with your Mind and with the Self which transcends time and space.
  • Underatand Nanak’s pauri, Man Jeetai Jag Jeet. Conquer your mind & conquer the world.

Study with KRI certified senior trainers from the Aquarian Academy. Explore interacting and learning with your fellow Kundalini Yoga teachers. Experience a full day of meditation. Relate to the oneness of your identity with Infinity. Become one with the One.