Kundalini Yoga Level One Stories

Kundalini Yoga

Check out these reviews from some of our Kundalini Yoga Level I Teacher Training students.

“This teacher training blew my mind. I’ve been meditating for about six years, but I gained more from this teacher training in terms of sheer growth than I did in the prior six years of doing other kinds of meditation. I am not just talking about the wealth of knowledge that they shared with us; I am also talking about growth in terms of my sense of Self and connection with the Infinite. I have completely transformed as a person.”
Karl Fuller

“I have always known that there are sacred spaces, but what I didn’t know is that most beautiful one was within me. Teachers Training has guided me to my own heart, and for me, this is Kundalini Yoga’s ultimate experience.”
Fernanda Martinez-Perez

“Taking part in this training has not only deepened my practice but has greatly affected all areas of my life. My relationships with family, friends and my Self have been impacted in the most incredible ways. I am so grateful for this experience and have made lifelong connections with the others participating.”
Siri Dev Kaur
Tara Kirk

“Kundalini Yoga is a heartfelt spiritual journey to walk in the world of the sacred, by cultivating what matters in life; connection to oneself and divinity, love, discipline, joy, resiliency and service to others. It has taught me to radiate and shine brighter from my essence, creating clarity and inspiration.”
Traci Gidwani RN 

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