How did I get here and where am I going?
In this 60 hour course, you will discover the answer to these questions and more.
LifeCycles and LifeStyles offers a practical set of disciplines and attitudes that lead to excellence and depth in the human experience.
Working individually and in groups, we will explore you and your relationship to your destiny cycle.

Key Topics

  • Discover your Purpose: Do you define it for yourself, or is it defined externally by Fate or Destiny?
  • Map out the stages and cycles of your life
  • Identify habits, cycles and practices that help and hinder your life in the present, past and future.
  • Renew your self-concept and let your true character be reflected and projected.
  • Confront fears of death and learn to live without worry.

Study with KRI certified senior trainers from the Aquarian Academy.

Use kriyas and meditations as well as other processes to support an intentional life, in harmony with Destiny.

Learn how to eat and live as a yogi.